Stik Roosna-Alliku

STIK's ROOSNA-AALIKU SERVICE CENTRE focuses on the repair and maintenance of automobiles and light commercial vehicles of all makes and ages, also offering spare parts. 

The service centre boasts a modern showroom, spare parts warehouse as well as a workshop.

Stik's Roosna-Alliku service centre aspires to offer our existing and new customers quick and specific auto repair and service opportunities, ensuring fast delivery of quality spare parts and professional work based on technical knowledge and the use of state-of-the-art equipment. The service centre focuses on the continual improvement of service quality and development of its team by raising the level of skills and knowledge, thus ensuring a problem-free and safe driving for car owners.

Other notable services offered by Stik's Roosna-Alliku centre are claims handling in case of damage to body and paintwork supported by cooperation with all the insurance companies, and claims handling in case of glass damage. 

Our employees have theoretical and practical skills required to offer quality service. Our main customers are companies, private persons and other auto repair companies that value quality and time.


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